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  • Executive Manager
  • Marketing and Sales


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About Me

Professionally I would describe myself as an Engineer with a clear commercial orientation. I have broadened my university education with an MBA, a Master in Commercial Management and Marketing and recently a Master's Program in Integral Management Development.

I am Accustomed to team management. Commercial vocation and experience of more than 10 years in Business Develompent. Resolute and effective with a proactive and enthusiastic attitude towards new projects.


Sales Manager / Business Development

NUS Consulting
Since November 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Business Development
  • Customer Management
  • Direct Marketing Activities
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager
Company Description

We help energy-intensive companies reduce their energy costs.

NUS Consulting is aware of the risk involved in energy contracting due to high price volatility. To this end, it offers its consulting department to help companies in the negotiation of energy contracts and the generation of an Energy Strategy.

Company website



ALS Laboratory Group
May 2010 to February 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Reporting to Sales Manager Europe
  • Leading a team off 15 person
  • Achievements
  • Start Up ALS in Spain.
  • Recruitment and team building Life Sciences
  • Business Development reaching a cumulative annual growth of 30%
Detailed Description
  • Interlocution with Area National Directors and Intermediate Managers
  • Business strategy and Strategic Plan, Working with Prospects and Capture and customer loyalty. Management of defaults
  • Customer Management
  • Control P & L account.
  • Financial Balances
  • Generation of budgets of the company in Spain
  • Team selection.
  • Coaching and Mentoring. Team building.
Company Description

Life Sciences Laboratory. Focus to give service to Pharma, Food and Environment Industries.

SALES MANAGER (Renewable Energy Industry)

October 2009 to May 2010
Responsibilities completed
  • Reporting to the CEO of the Company
  • Leading a team of 6 Persons
  • Achievements
  • Develop Business with new customers (VESTAS, GAMESA, SUZLON, ACCIONA)
  • Active collaboration on the start up of InCom in Poland
  • Develop Marketing Strategy and Launching of the web site
Detailed Description
  • Key Account Manager for Biggest Account (VESTAS, LM, Acciona, Gamesa, Suzlon)
  • Assistance to Fairs and Conventions
  • Active Participation in Seminars
  • Creating new business markets (Pultrusion)
  • Communication plan design
  • Web Site construction
  • Management Web Content, Social Network, SEO positioning)
Company Description

Renewable Energies, Wind Power Industry.
Preparations of Kits for Construction of Wind Power blades.


July 2008 to October 2009
Responsibilities completed
  • Strategy and Training Consulting. Focus on Small and Medium Size companies.
  • Achievements:
  • Create and develope Erantis-Medioambiente as a business training platform
  • Create Tailor-made Course Structure for profesional
Detailed Description
  • Business coaching.
  • Business plan for the growth and expansion of new companies Design business plan for new Start Ups
  •  Team management;
  • Allocation of objectives (KPIs), motivation of teams. Training
  •  Marketing:
  • Collaboration in the Design and creation of the web pages SEO positioning of the websites o
  • Actions in Social networks for companies (linkedin)
Company Description

Consultancy Company. Focused in giving service to Medium Size and Small companies in order to develop their business and their employees.

Responsibilities completed
  • Reporting to National Sales Manager
  • Leading a Team of 7 person
Detailed Description
  • Sales Manager:
  • Direct trade actions, Key Account Manager
  • Team Leader:
  • Team management; Allocation of objectives (KPIs), motivation of teams. Coaching
  •  Marketing; Responsible Marketing, Communications, Events,
  • Promotion
Company Description

Focus to give service to Industry.

SALES MANAGER (Life Sciences Industry)

Eurofins - Analytico
February 2004 to December 2007
Responsibilities completed
  • Reporting to European Sales Manager
  • Leading a team of 1 persons
  • Achievements:
  • Start Up Analytico in Spain
  • Open offices in Barcelona and Madrid
  • Business Development becoming Market leaders within one year
Detailed Description
  • Responsible for the creation of EUROFINS-ANALYTICO in Spain (Start up)
  • Building the Current structure of ANALYTICO with two offices (Madrid and Barcelona)
  •  Sales Manager;
  • Business development,
  • Customer Capture and Loyalty. Assistance to Fairs and Conventions Active Participation in Seminars
  •  Marketing:
  • Direct Marketing Actions Conducting Events with clients.
Company Description

Life Sciences Laboratory. Focus to give service to Pharma, Food and Environment Industries.

PROJECT LEADER (Civil Engineer Company)

June 2000 to January 2004
Responsibilities completed
  • Reporting to the Area Manager
Company Description

Civil Engineer Company. Focus on giving service to the Administration.